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Uzumlu is a traditional Turkish village situated approx 20 km from Fethiye. In the mountains above Uzumlu archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient Roman settlement, Cadianda, dating back to the 5th century BC. Cadianda was the last city that joined the Lycian Union. Wander round the narrow cobbled streets of Uzumlu and admire the Ottoman style houses. Many are open fronted where the local ladies weave a special cotton fabric, called Dastar. Every April Uzumlu holds the now famous ‘Mushroom Festival’ – a 3 day festival selling local crafts, wine, folk dancing, live music and guided mushroom hunting walks in the surrounding countryside. There are some good restaurants offering local specialities and live music. A weekly market is held in the main square where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and spices.

In view of the number of new properties being built in the area Uzumlu is an up and coming holiday destination. Ideal for travellers wanting some traditional village life, peace and quiet but still close enough to easily get to Fethiye and Calis for the beaches, boat trips and busier night life. Uzumlu is an excellent location for nature lovers, photographers and walkers.

In and around Uzumlu village there are a number of good restaurants and cafes for you to try.

There is a local dolmus (bus) service running regularly between Fethiye and Uzumlu, alternatively you can hire a car to go out and about.

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