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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Parties and Purpose

This contract is drawn between the tenant (henceforth referred to as 'the customer') and the land lord (henceforth referred to as 'Yazlik Yeri'), the start and end dates have been made for the purpose of renting a villa in advance for a certain period of time. www.yazlikyeri.com web page of any of our villas declared on the web site of the customer and those who own the following conditions are deemed to have agreed in advance. Any breach of any of the following conditions gives 'Yazlik Yeri' the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally, to request the customer to leave the villa and not to refund the received and the rent.

  Change of booking and Cancellation conditions

        A. The tenant knows that he has the right to give up free of charge for rent within a period of 7 days. The reservation, which was not canceled within this period, was finalized. The tenant is obliged to notify us in writing of the cancellation within 7 days.

        B. The owner of the cottage makes a rental agreement with the tenant and accordingly the tenant agrees that it is obligatory to pay according to the following conditions.

        B1- 100% of the rental cost will be refundable  61 days before the arrival date

        B2. - 35% of the rental cost will be nun-refundable  30 -60 days before the arrival date   

        B3- 50% of the rental cost will be nun-refundable  23-29 days before the arrival date  

        B4- 75% of the rental cost will be nun-refundable  16-22 days before the beginning of the rental

        B5 - If the day between the 15th day prior to the beginning of the rental or the tenant does not arrive at all, the tenant must pay 100% of the rental amount. Yazlik Yeri will collect the rent on behalf of the landlord.

Reservation and Payment

Our reservations can only be made by pre-booking the reservation form on our website. Once your reservation request has been received Pre-booking the reservation will give 1 day to complete the reservation by paying the deposit either by card or by bank transfer in GBP and TL. Once deposit is paid villa booking confirmation and the receipt will be emailed or send by whatsapp.  In the event that the deposit is not paid within 1 (one) business day after the pre-booking request has been received , Yazlik yeri reserves the right to cancel the pre-reservation and to make another reservation to the villa without informing the customer.

In order to be able to make your reservation, the villa is taken as a certain amount of deposit to be determined mutually not exceeding 25% of the total rental price of the villa. The remaining amount will be paid on your arrival to the villa.

After the deposit payment has been made,  the villa booking confirmation including the reservation details and payment plan will be sent to the customer via e-mail. The customer must sign this document and return it to Yazlik yeri via e-mail or fax.


The rental fee is given on a weekly basis (7 nights) and will be charged at the entrance to the villa.

Entrance to the Villa

The entrance time to the villa is 16:00 on the day of reservation and the departure time from the villa at the end of the reservation is 10:00. We remind you that travel plans are made according to these hours so that both parties are not victims. In case of early exit, the property should be informed 24 hours in advance. In case the customer departs from the villa without the control of the villa due to the density, the damage deposit will be sent to a bank account to be notified by the customer and the delivery costs will be paid within this amount. In case the customer leaves the villa with his own will, no rental fee will be refunded.

Villa Capacity

 The guests are not accepted over the capacity indicated on our web pages or the number of people mentioned in the booking process. If the customer wants to make a change in the number of persons after the reservation is finalized, it will be applied in writing Yazlik yeri and this change may be approved if Yazlik yeri is considered suitable according to the capacity of the villa

After the entrance to the villa, any other guests are not accepted to the villa except the guests specified on the booking list.

Villa Cleaning / Maintenance and Extra Expenses

Weekly villa rental rates include entrance cleaning. For stays of 2 weeks and more, weekly cleaning and towels / linen change are included in the rates. Other than that, any cleaning will be charged.

The personnel who are responsible for the periodic maintenance of all the villas' pools, gardens and other fixtures must enter the garden or inside the villa. In order for these services to be carried out without interruption, the customer must allow the attendant personnel to enter the villa where necessary.

Electricity, water, gas, pool lighting, internet connection and use of air conditioner are included in the prices unless stated otherwise on the villa detail page on our website. Pool lighting, air conditioning and internet are not available as standard in every villa, so For these services it is recommended that you read the details of the villa you rented from our villa detail page.

 Pets / Smoking

Unless It is stated our villas do not accept pets.

All of our villas are non-smoking in closed areas.

Damage Deposit

A different amount of damage deposit will be charged to the customer according to the property of each villa. This deposit amount will be determined during the booking process and will be written in the confirmation document sent to the customer. Damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of entry to the villa and will be re-funded to the customer after the check is completed on departure the villa; If there is a damage / deficiency of the villa and the damage cost will deducted from the damage deposit. In case the customer wants to leave the villa early in the contract or if the villa exit control cannot be performed due to the density, the deposit will be sent to an account number to be received from the customer or western union information and the transfer fee will be deducted from the deposit. Damage to the villa, exceeding the amount of the deposit received from the customer will be asked to pay this damage, otherwise legal charges will be applied.

Our responsibilities

Yazlik yeri is responsible for the delivery of the villa to the customer at the determined date and time, clean and ready for use. If there is any defective, non-functioning goods or faults at the entrance to the villa, the customer should be informed immediately to Yazlik yeri and demanding the corrections of these faults. Yazlik yeri cannot be held responsible for any problems that have not been notified in time. The owner of the villa is in the position of an intermediary between the owner of the villa and the customer and therefore the owner of the villa is responsible for eliminating the problems that may occur in the villa. No accident, illness, injury, theft, etc., which may arise from the customer's own responsibility. Yazlik yeri cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents.

The customer cannot claim any right or reimbursement for a service which he could not receive due to a breakdown or failure to inform Yazlik yeri during his stay in the villa after he left the villa.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are obliged to use the villa, the pool, the garden furniture, the villa itself and to use all electrical and electronic goods and other furniture delivered in good condition. Customers are obliged to leave all clean utensils delivered clean to them in the same way. The villa should be delivered to the villa on the day of departure so that all rubbish dumped and washed dishes. Otherwise, and in cases where the villa is left unclean above the reasonable size, Yazlik yeri will charge a cleaning fee amount from the damage deposit.

In case of any damage in the villa, the customers are obliged to inform Yazlik yeri. Any damage to the villa during the stay of the customers and all kinds of goods lost will be deducted from this deposit if the damage deposit is taken, if the damage deposit is not received, the customer will be asked to pay in cash.

In addition, the customer and his / her companions must pay attention to social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way that annoys the environment, not to listen to loud music, to be prohibited by the laws of our country and not to behave in a criminal manner. For such reasons, in case the customer and his / her compatriots receive a complaint, Yazlik yeri has the right to ask the customer to vacate the villa before the reservation period expires.

 In the event of a change in the contact details that the client enters into at the time of booking, the Customer shall notify the Yazlik yeri. Otherwise Yazlik yeri is not responsible for any problems.

our customers from abroad, should provide a phone number that is valid in Turkey is required for communication.


Customers will immediately report their complaints to Yazlik yeri during their stay in the villa. The subject matter of the complaint shall be examined by Yazlik yeri officials and the necessary measures shall be taken immediately. Yazlik yeri cannot be held responsible for any complaints that will be made after the stay has ended.


All kinds of disputes that may arise in relation to the subjects covered by this contract are authorized by the Executive Offices and Courts of Fethiye.

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